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Ocean Shores Chronic Pain Clinic / Massage Therapy Clinic

Sorry, I have retired and no longer accept clients

  • If you need actual chronic pain or range of motion therapy, I suggest finding a therapist actually trained in  “Orthopedic Body Work”, a system of pain free range of motion assessment followed by site specific therapy designed to provide effective, immediate relief for the four major sources of most chronic pain symptoms:

    • Joint Capsulitis – Examples: Frozen Shoulder, Frozen Hip, Immobile Toe or Finger.

    • Muscle Strain – The excruciating pain that accompanies the slightest movement or jarring is actually most often caused by a (relatively) minor muscle strain. Amazingly, this type of pain is almost always reduced or eliminated entirely within minutes of assessment and treatment.

    • Hypertensive Muscles – (Muscles locked short); often described as “tight”, or “hard”. Most upper shoulder and back pain is actually caused by hypertensive chest (pectoralis major and minor) muscles. These locked short muscles pull the shoulders into a rounded posture like a bow ready to shoot an arrow. Internally rotated upper arms often accompany rounded shoulders. Thumbs brushing the pants seam and cupped hands facing to the rear are a sure sign of locked short pectoralis major muscles.

    • Hypotensive Muscles – (Muscles locked long). Grumpy upper back muscles that are often described as “tight” are almost always actually locked long. They are overstretched, therefore weak and inhibited (turned off). They are tight in the same way a stretched rubber band is tight. Although a back rub feels good, it actually further stretches and weakens these already overstretched muscles. Lengthening massage strokes to, and gently stretching the pec’s, followed by brief stimulating strokes to the back muscles is a much more effective therapy.

  • I achieve superb relaxation therapy by using a modified, less “site specific” version of Orthopedic Bodywork.

  • Fibromyalgia responds beautifully to Orthopedic Bodywork. I take care to keep touch very gentle and slow. This provides your body time to adjust and learn to trust that therapy will be pain free.

  • Sorry, I do not take any type of medical insurance.

  • I do take automobile accident insurance