About: ME

My passion is helping to relieve musculo-skeletal pain issues.

My passion is helping to relieve musculoskeletal pain issues.

Educating people about effective alternatives to expensive and often only marginally effective, medical treatments and relieving myo-fascial pain is my passion.

Successful non-drug and non-surgical pain therapy relies on effective assessment followed by specific, targeted manual, pain-free manipulation. Although the numbers are growing (slowly), very few pain therapists now have this type of focused manual therapy training.

In addition to fairly extensive pain therapy continuing education, I have personally experienced and recovered from many of the pain issues I see in my practice. In short, I know it works, because of first hand experience. Due to a childhood injury, my left leg is about 3/8 inch longer than my right leg. Between the postural imbalances created by leg length differential, the physical stresses of working as a handyman, and nearly two and a half decades as an active duty soldier, I have personally experienced and recovered from, almost all the pain conditions presented by my clients.

I am a male therapist, licensed about 8 years ago.

North West Advanced Medical Massage and Pain Clinic is now at Ocean Shores Washington.

I graduated from the Port Townsend school of massage.

I retired from the army as a First Sergeant, after 24 years active duty.

I co-owned an aerobics business in El Paso Texas, that employed about 16 instructors. I regularly taught one and sometimes two classes a day, 5 days a week.

I was an EMT in El Paso, Tx. after retiring from the army.

I moved back to the Seattle area and lived on a sail boat in Friday Harbor, where I was the assistant manager of Friday Harbor Fitness for about 11 years.

After leaving the fitness club, I was self-employed as a handyman for about 5 years.

I feel that my background brings a set of unique experiences that enhance my clinical massage practice.