Frozen Shoulder

This 13 minute video shows James Waslaski correcting a frozen shoulder in less than 10 minutes.

It may be hard to believe, but you can regain your full range of pain free motion, literally in minutes; regardless of your prior therapy experiences.

Cortisone injections and surgery MAY be the answer, but watch the video link before you decide.

James teaches body workers around the world how to do this effective, painless, easy (once the therapist actually understands) protocol.

Please note: Cryoderm is a great massage medium. However, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FROZEN SHOULDER TECHNIQUE JAMES WASLASKI DEVELOPED. I apologize for the cyroderm banner that obscures part of the video image. This is still the best online video I was able to find that illustrates just how easily, effectively and painlessly a frozen shoulder can be treated.

There is nothing I can add to clarify this presentation. Do not expect to get similar results without detailed training. You can search for a trained therapist at:

Cryoderm is James Waslaski’s preferred treatment lotion. I also personally prefer it.  I also find Cryoderms analgesic topical better than any other topical I have tried, including Biofreeze (which I think is pretty good). However, if you need a “make do” massage medium for very occasional work ie. on a spouse or friend, try a few drops of olive oil. Don’t use too much. The goal is traction, or hooking into the fascia, not gliding over the surface of the skin.