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Best most effective LMP I have ever gone to

I saw and was treated by Richard a few days ago at his new office in Ocean Shores Washington. The injury on my ankle was a month old. He worked precisely and exactly to restore pain free movement and use. I can now easily go dancing on my foot with no Pain. I have been going to Richard for several years now and always have received care that has allowed me to live and work and play with out pain . He is very knowledgeable and inspiring about getting out of pain and restrictions and also about how to maintain that level with home self care. This is so important as we are all getting older. I find that with his work I can be stronger and more mobile and all without pain from imbalance or injury. I myself am a massage practitioner and have experienced very much massage work. His work is by far the most effective.

shoulder pain

I had been experiencing muscular pain on my right shoulder for a couple of weeks, the pain showed up when I made an odd movement with my right arm.Richard described to me in simple words what most probably happened to my shoulder and how he could solve the problem; together we identified exactly where the pain was and then he proceeded with his therapy, in a couple of minutes the pain was gone. It has been two weeks without pain and my shoulder works perfectly well.I am very happy, Richard did an excellent Job, I would recommend him without a doubt.


Dragging my heavy luggage around caused me to injure my thumb the other day. Richard fixed it in a blink, so it stopped hurting and I could move it easily. It has stayed functional and painless for months. He has also worked on my knees, and although the cure has not been immediate, his treatment is very helpful. So helpful, in fact, that I married him.I have seen his treatment get consistently spectacular results on many people. I wish everyone who has muscular pain could experience the relief his treatment can provide.

Awesome pain therapy

Richard is a very knowledgeable pain therapist. He seems more like a physical therapist, than a typical massage therapist. He first assess joint function above and below the injury / pain area. He explains that the assessment reveals the most likely cause of pain. Understanding the most likely cause, is the first step in choosing the most applicable treatment. RE-assessment indicates that either the issue is resolved, or different, or additional treatment is needed. The end result, Clients truly "Hobble in and Dance Out".