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  • I am a semi retired, male therapist. My wife and I recently moved to Ocean Shores from Spanaway, Wa. I am (mostly) available from around 9 am to around 7 pm, but will make an effort to accommodate special scheduling needs. I am often willing to see clients on both weekdays, and weekends.

  • I work from my in-home massage and pain clinic at 899 Duck Lake Dr. SE. Ocean Shores, Wa. 98569

  • Please schedule your therapy by calling:

    360 370 5040

  • Email:

  • I am passionate about chronic pain and range of motion issues. For now, I am available for free consultation regarding your chronic pain, range of motion issues, Biotensegrity, how Morton’s Toe can contribute to pain symptoms.

  • Allergy Alert: I have two cats and a dog. I do my best to keep them out of the therapy room, but….

  • I do not accept managed health care patients (Premera, Group Health Etc). However, I do accept auto accident claims.

  • Effective clinical massage (orthopedic body work) relies on frequent re-assessment; which often involves sitting or standing. Women, please wear a bra, or sports bra. Men and women, please wear work out type shorts, or other modest work-out type or swimsuit attire you feel comfortable standing or sitting in. Therapy is much more effective when I can drape for warmth and comfort instead of modesty.

  • I am often available for a free phone consultation to discuss whether orthopedic body work will likely resolve your pain symptoms.

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  • If you are under a doctor, or chiropractor care, knowing their diagnosis is sometimes useful. However, I no longer accept medical insurance. If you need (expect) insurance to pay for your therapy, please see another massage therapist.

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  • If you are a new (for me) client, we will save time if you print, fill-out and bring the New Client form.